Monday, June 14, 2010

first signs

Yea.......Amelia's learning sign language! She has been signing "milk" for a little while now but usually while she is drinking a bottle and not necessarily to ask for it when she is hungry (she usually just cries instead). The past couple of days she seems to have been practicing signing "momma" and "dadda" :). And just now when we fed her dinner she signed "more" and "eat" for the first time. We tried to get a video of her new signs but of course our camera card ran out of space while we were recording (and my hands are in the way too, duh). You can see her sign "more" in the beginning of the video and "eat" at the very end. This is especially exciting since we just found out at her latest hearing test today that she doesn't seem to be able to hear anything in her left ear and little to nothing in her right ear. We are working on getting her an appointment to see a hearing specialist in LA to see if anything can be done to help her. In the mean time, we are so happy that she is starting to communicate with us through sign language.

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