Thursday, May 26, 2011

Her Favorite Toy - a horse from Del Mar

Amelia's favorite toy is a stuffed animal horse that Siena got from the Del Mar racetrack before Amelia was born. Siena had no problem letting Amelia take over the horse and Amelia has loved it ever since. The horse has long arms and legs that Amelia likes to put around her head and neck as well as chairs, bed frames or anything else where it can hang down. Her favorite thing to do right now is to put her glasses on the horse or have the horse sit and slide while she makes the appropriate signs.

She lost her horse a few months ago and we could not find it anywhere! Grandma contacted the racetrack and managed to get in touch with someone who was able to find a new horse and promptly mailed it to Amelia. Yea Grandma :)! In the meantime, we found her old horse so now we have a back up in case it ever gets lost again (or falls apart......whichever happens first).

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