Monday, August 29, 2011

the dreaded eye patch

Amelia is supposed to be wearing an eye patch over her right eye for at least one hour a day to strengthen her left eye because it is weaker.  She is very near sighted but appears to have good vision in her right eye with glasses.  Her left eye has a lot more problems largely because most of that lid was missing when she was born.  She has some jittering in that eye and she developed a corneal ulcer when she was about 3 months old.  The ulcer healed fairly quickly but has left small indentation on her eye.  Because of this she has some depth perception issues.  Whenever she needs to walk over different types of floor (ie carpet to tile or tile to wood) or even has to cross a crack in the concrete, she puts her hands down first to see if it is uneven.  She is definitely learning to compensate for this problem and has no problem navigating around places she is familiar with.    The fact that she is missing the balance nerves in both ears makes walking even more difficult but she is improving daily.  As I said before, she is a very determined little girl and is not letting anything slow her down :-).

Now, back to the eye patch......  As you can imagine, she is not a big fan of the eye patch.  We have to entertain her the entire time she is wearing it just to get her to keep it on.  She is actually getting better with it on so I am hoping that means that her vision in her left eye is getting better :-). 

Siena joining in the fun
Mama too
On the coffee table? Whatever works!
Now we're just getting silly :)
Horse's turn next

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