Monday, January 30, 2012

January 19th, 2012
We are counting down to the departure to Italy (11 days!) and to one last fundraising event before the trip (3 days!), so our lives are filled with anticipation. On the 13th Amelia had minor surgery to remove fluid from her ears and to have tubes inserted in both ears. Only the right one had fluid, but they put a small tube into the left also, just to keep it clear during all the upcoming travel. Everything went well with the anesthetic and the surgery, the only difficult part was to keep Amelia distracted enough all morning so she would not sign “eat” too often. Awww! The surgery was not until noon, so it was a very long morning for DJ, who took her to the hospital this time.
Kristina and DJ are busy preparing for the trip and there are lists everywhere. Since Siena will be staying here with us (and also with DJ’s mom) we have to have medical release forms in place and switch the school contact information to our address and phone. Martin installed a web-cam for us, so she will be able to see her parents while she talks to them on-line during their long absence.
The winter weather in Verona is very cold and they all have to have warm clothes. The long trip will require lots of toys to keep Amelia busy and DJ has to bring all his books for the on-line courses he plans to take while they are away. And how much luggage is too much to handle for all those long flights and train rides? And do they need a car seat as well as a stroller? And trying to manage the financial transactions to pay the doctor/ hospital and the apartment owners while the Euro is bouncing up and down.
O course, we are all trying not to worry about the implant surgery and everything that will follow, because God has been so faithful and it’s nothing short of miraculous that we have gotten this far. Thanks to all your prayers and generous contributions every detail is somehow working out.
HOWEVER !!! I do want to make you aware of the latest challenge to our peace of mind. The House Ear Institute informed us that Dr.Coletti is now implanting a new ABI device which he considers the very best one available. (He is not flexible on this!) This device is not approved by the FDA and most likely the clinic will not be allowed to do the adjustments (mapping) as we had hoped. This is a huge concern and one we do not take lightly, however at this late stage in the planning, we do not feel that we can abort the whole plan and the trip will be going forward as planned. So, once again we need you to help us pray for a solution. And with all that’s happened so far we continue to expect miracles.
And speaking of miracles, rain is being forecast for Saturday’s big “Mitchell Thorp Walk-a-Thon” fundraising event. Would you believe that with all our sunshine in Southern California this could be the weekend to get rain? So many people have worked so hard for months to make this event a success and rain would definitely be a problem. So, would you help us to pray that it will stay dry until noon to allow this much anticipated event to take place?

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