Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A quick update and some pictures

Amelia's ABI
She's very excited that her doll has an ABI too :)

We are very pleased to report that Amelia is doing very well with her ABI.  When she wakes up in the morning she points at her ear to let us know to put it on.   She wants it off before her nap but asks for it immediately after she wakes up.  She is responding consistently to loud sounds, esp clapping and tapping utensils on plates.   We weren't expecting her to have any response to sounds for at least a month so we couldn't be happier with her results so far.  We have her first appointment for mapping (sound adjustment) at House Ear Clinic on April 18th.  A representative from MedEl Europe will be flying to LA for her initial map to go over the programming with our audiologist there.

We are busy trying to get back to our "normal" routine which means I have less time to do updates but I will do my best since I know so many people care about Amelia and are anxious to hear how she is doing :).  


  1. So glad to hear everything is going so well, thanks for the update and i look to see more great updates to come :)

  2. I love that Amelia has an American Girl doll, just like herself. We're also happy that you're all home now, and we're all anxious to know about the upcoming mapping. We think of you all the time. Love to all.....