Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rock-a-bye -Baby

September 15th, 2012  
Yesterday Oceanside clocked 108 degrees.  It was a record breaker, but not one we ever really wanted to achieve!   Most of us don’t have air conditioners here, because usually we only need them a few days of the year, so you can imagine how miserable we all were.   Thankfully a section of our house is air conditioned and we spend our day in those rooms waiting for the heat to pass.  Yesterday I received a very unexpected blessing that really brightened my day!
Amelia was here with us.   She had just completed her first four day school week and she was enjoying some down-time just playing with  her toys.  She makes a lot of noise these days when she plays, nothing in any way recognizable, but she seems to like it.  We had to go out briefly to go to her physical therapy appointment and she worked hard at climbing stairs and walking on uneven surfaces (which she absolutely hates!).   Amelia does not seem to need a nap anymore, but after lunch we sat together in my rocking chair and I was singing songs to her.  Now you need to remember that songs or music have never been a part of  Amelia’s experience and she only recognizes a few songs from her speech therapy sessions.   Since she does not like to sit still, she was participating with her hands and doing “the wheels on the bus” and the “itsy bitsy spider” as I was singing.  She got quieter and quieter and suddenly I realized I had actually sung her to sleep for the very first time ever!    What a tremendous feeling!   Usually when I rock her she has just had her bath and is not wearing her hearing device, so she can’t hear anything, but this time she actually listened and enjoyed it.  Wow!
Isn’t it amazing how much we take for granted with our “normal” babies?   Singing to them is something we do automatically and without giving it a thought.   For Amelia this is brand-new and another aspect of her changed existence.    I am so thankful!

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