Wednesday, May 26, 2010

a quick update

The surgery went well. Repairing her palate was a little more complicated than initially thought so the surgeon just focused on that and did not do any touch-ups on her lip. He said that it all went very smoothly though. We won't find out the results of the hearing test for a little while. It is a test that is not done very often here in the US so it will take a little while to interpret the results. One of the tubes in her ear had to be replaced again (the right one this time) and she had a pretty bad ear infection behind the tube so I'm sure she will feel better now.

Last night was a little rough. Amelia slept most of the night and when she did wake up she was pretty miserable. I ended up holding her the entire night because when I would lay her down she would wake up (ok, so I only tried to lay her down once) and also because I like to snuggle with her :). We finally were able to get her to take a little bit of milk this morning. We aren't sure if we will need to stay tonight too. It depends on how well she eats today and if they can take her off of the sub-Q fluids. She seems a little happier this morning so hopefully she will continue to improve quickly.

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