Sunday, February 12, 2012


Surgery day was incredibly emotional not just because of our worry for Amelia but also because of another family we have befriended here. Their daughter (just a few months older than Amelia) was supposed to recieve her ABI on the same day as Amelia. Her name is Alicja and she has CHARGE syndrome. Alicja was taken to the surgery room first and Amelia followed about 1 hour later. Unfortunately Alicja started having bronchial spasms when they tried to turn her to the correct position. The anesthesiologist came out and told her parents the news and said they may try one more time if the spasms stopped. Alicja ended up not being able to get her ABI but I am happy to say that she came out of anesthesia just fine and has recovered well.

Her parents were devastated that she was not able to get her implant. They have been raising money just like us and have been planning on this for a long time. They are awesome parents and are doing everything they can for Alicja. They will stop at nothing to give her the best life possible. Alicja also has a very supportive and loving extended family. Her grandmother has just arrived from Poland to be here with all of them.

The doctors are going to try again to implant Alicja's ABI this coming Tues morning. Please keep Alicja and her family in your thoughts and prayers for a successful surgery.

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