Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Enjoying our time our time out of the hospital

Late afternoon last Friday Amelia was released from the hospital....yea! We have to go back daily for her antibiotic injection. On Monday they changed her bandage again and her surgery site is healing well. That is the first time DJ saw the sutures and he thought it was gruesome. The wound is actually 6-8" long and runs from above her ear down to her neck. She tries to itch at the bandage sometimes but usually leaves it alone (besides smearing pasta sauce and chocolate all over it :) )

We are enjoying being together in our apartment and are thankful to have a kitchen to cook our own meals in. Last night we were a little homesick so we made cheeseburgers but usually it's pasta and pizza...yummy!

On Saturday we finally made it to the city center. It is very beautiful with lots of Roman ruins all around. It was very crowded....much different than the area we are staying in. We are going again this afternoon for a picnic lunch and to take a closer look at some of the sites. It is supposed to be sunny the rest of the week and may even warm up to 60 by the end of the week.

We received some great news the other day. House Ear Institute in LA was able to get approval from the FDA to work with Amelia's ABI. They had to apply for compassionate use of the MedEl device since it isn't approved at all in the US. This means we will be able to get all of her mapping (sound adjustments) done in LA instead of having to fly back here. A representative from MedEl Europe will fly to LA to get everything set up. What a relief! We appreciate all of the hard work everyone has put in to make this happen :).

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