Sunday, March 18, 2012

They're home (March 15th)
Tom picked up some very weary travelers at the airport late last night and we feel like we can breathe a little easier now that they are safely back home. Kristina said that Amelia was extremely anxious going through the airports and security screening and whimpered the whole time, but once she was settled in the airplane she did great during both long flights. Maybe she thought that the airport was still another hospital where she was going to get hurt in some way. Amelia has always been so completely trusting and accepting of everyone around her and we hate to see that this ordeal seems to have broken that trust. However, she is very young and I'm sure this experience will fade in her memory.
I just returned from a quick visit to the Heston home to return some of Siena's clothing and they were busy unpacking and trying to get get their house back in order. They are planning to pick up Siena from school today and I know she will so excited to see them.
Amelia was still in her pj's and was wearing her new hearing device. It looks like a button that is attached to the back of her head (on the right side) with a little wire leading to a small device which is clipped to her collar. She seems to have accepted this new addition to her person and does not seem to mind it at all. Her hair is growing in again and she looks like a little boy with his summer buzz cut. The scar behind her ear looks huge but seems to be healing nicely. She was happy to see me and she picked up right where she left off six weeks ago, hanging up my keys and making sure all the buttons on my sweater were fastened. :)
These past six months have been such a whirlwind of activity for all of us, that we hardly know what to do at the moment. We are thankful, awed, relieved and more than a little tired. I guess we'll have to allow some time for settling down and then tackle the next chapter in Amelia's life which this learning to interpret and process sound.
Stay tuned and please keep on praying. God is listening!

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