Monday, March 5, 2012

One day at a time

We were able to go to the Dolomites in Northern Italy for a few days (in between hospital visits). We stayed in Castelrotto (or Kastelruth) in a beautiful hotel with amazing views all around.

One day we took a cable car to Alpe di Siusi. It is a vast alpine meadow with all different types of recreational activities available - skiing (downhill and cross-country), snowboarding and lots of hiking esp in the spring and summer. The weather was unseasonably warm while we were there but they were expecting more snow in a few days.

The Dolomites are very close to the Austrian border so most everyone there spoke Italian, German and English but German seemed to be the favored language. All of the names of places and menu items were written in both German and Italian. It didn't even feel like we were in Italy anymore. The architecture was completely different and we were able to get different types of food such as tyrolean dumplings (yummy!), sausages, strudels and delicious breads. It was a well-needed mini-vacation for us and we felt rested and rejuvinated when we returned to our apartment in Italy.

- fun swing near our apartment-

Today Amelia had her stitches removed :). The incision is healing nicely. We were hoping the bandage would be removed permanently but the doctors put a new one on again. It will be removed Thurs so we can deal with it for a few more days. Her skin is getting very irritated from the tape being put on and removed so many times (it is very sticky!) but hopefully her skin will recover quickly.

Her activation day is now scheduled for Mon the 12th. We are leaving for Milan on the 13th and flying home early on the 14th so hopefully it all works out. We are anxious to get home and see our family and friends (esp Siena - we miss her so much!).

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